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    This tool allows you to get involved in managing your health. It does not replace a physician nor take over his role and responsibilities. It helps you to prevent disease by observing some basic rules for a healthy lifestyle.
    If you do not have a physician and it is difficult for you to find one to help you manage your health, the second objective of this tool may also concern you: create efficient self-managed health care systems.
    To this end, the medical record format, disease prevention and referrals may be of interest and assistance to you. Through your local, regional and even distant referrals, together we can attain this objective. Moreover, through your referrals, you automatically have an extra source of income. You earn money regularly at will.
    We are available for more information. Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.
    You can familiarize yourself with the tool by carrying out some trials using graduated containers to determine the quantities of urine that you pass. Proceed in the same manner, of course using different and clean containers for the quantities of liquids ingested. You can then record them in your personal, confidential and secure file.
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