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Regular access to medical resources and health care is a serious problem in most developed, emerging and developing countries.

Disease prevention can help you.

Take control of your health and feel it.

Take charge of your health. Whether or not you have a general practitioner or family doctor, you can efficiently assume your own share of responsibility to keep you in the best overall health and enjoy life to its fullest.

Here, we offer you practical tools for daily prevention.

Register here to start or continue personal and automatic monitoring of some risk factors to prevent disease and keep you in excellent health.

Healthy Weight - Weight. Waistline. Body Mass Index -
Blood Pressure - High Blood Pressure - Low Blood Pressure - Drop in Blood Pressure -
Temperature - Intolerances - Thyroid -
Water balance - Dehydration -
Blood Glucose Levels - Glucose/Insulin Resistance. Diabetes -
Cholesterols and Triglycerides : Cardiovascular diseases. Atherosclerosis.

These factors, if neglected, are responsible for several serious crippling, morbid or fatal conditions and/or diseases (pathologies). That is why they are also responsible for the highest mortality rates worldwide.

Understand your health.

Take your readings daily or have them taken, then record them yourself. SanteEnMain.com ( YourHealthInYourHands.com ) will provide you with professional monthly monitoring reports and propose other factors and indicators for your personal disease prevention every six months.

Take control of your health through simple prevention techniques.

The challenge and appointment

You can succeed with simple everyday actions:

Exercise regularly, at your personal pace,
Maintain a Healthy Weight.
Vary your diet with a high intake of vegetables.
Stay hydrated by drinking potable water.
Keep busy with creativity at the personal or group level, whenever possible.
Rest and sleep well.
Socialize well.

Become a health care manager.

You can be a role model in your milieu. So create a network of friends, relatives and acquaintances around you to promote Overall Health. In the medium term (3 to 7 years), you will also contribute to attaining the goal of establishing an efficient system for disease prevention and health care.

You will thus become a key player.

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